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To Victory

Record your daily steps, or the distance you roll, throughout September, add to your chosen charities scoreboard and help them become the champions!
All to support people affected by spinal cord injury.

What is Steptember?

Step-tember is a unique month long stepping challenge throughout September. Back now for it's fith year, it is a fully inclusive event and encourages walkers, runners and wheelchair users to take on a physical challenge and support the work of two great charities working to change the future of spinal cord injury, Rooprai Spinal Trust (RST) and Spinal Research (SR).

Record your daily steps, or the distance you roll, throughout September, add to your profile and see how you compare to other individuals, within your mini team and against other mini teams. Your steps will also be added to your chosen charity’s scoreboard so you can help them become the champions!

Everyone taking part will receive a medal on completion of the challenge and there will also be trophies for the top 3 individuals, teams and winning charity.

Who can take part?

Anyone and everyone; Step-tember is a fully inclusive event. There is no minimum daily amount of steps /distance you need to add. So if you’re out for a stroll with the dog, pottering around the home, training for a marathon, a manual wheelchair user or power chair user, you can all join in the fun.

Step-tember Stats


Mini Teams


People Taking Part

87.6 Million

Steps Over 4 Events


Miles Moved

How It Works


Sign up

Sign up to take part and choose which charity you would like to step for.

You can also sign up to take part in your own mini team to make it easier to compete against friends as well as competing against other teams.


Get out stepping!

Now for the whole month you can count your steps. This doesn't have tyo exclusively be from exercise, you can add your steps taken throughout the day!

Make sure that you keep your steps upto date on the website though as you can only backdate them by three days.



This is where the fun begins. You not only get to compete as RST vs SR, but you can compete in your mini teams as well for that coverted top spot. Do you have what it takes to be the biggest stepper of the competition?

Throughout the competition you'll also be collecting virtual badges and trophies to celebrate you hitting amazing milestones.


Medals and trophies

Thats right, everyone who signs up will recive a Steptember medal at the end of the event. Alongside the winning charity reciving a trophy, we will also have a trophy for the top stepper and the top team in the competition as well!

Team Registration

If you have a group of friends, family or colleagues that want to take part you can sign up as a team. Your individual steps will still be logged, but you’ll have a mini team to see how you compare against your your friends. You’ll also see how well your cumulative team total compares to other teams. We all love a bit of competition to keep us motivated!

When you create a team you will recieve a code to give to people to sign up. This will allow them to join your team once they have paid their entry fee. If you'd like to pay the entry fee for everyone on the team, or multiple teams, then just drop us a message and we can make that happen!

Message Us


The Leveller

Our ‘leveller system’ means that anyone with a disability can compete fairly and be in with a shout of topping the leader board. In effect, it’s a multiplier that will multiply someone’s steps because we know that someone with a high-level spinal cord injury will put in the same effort, but will travel a shorter distance. The leveller can be personalized by each user so that they can compete fairly as a dissability is never the same for everyone.

Sign Up To


Sign up for Step-tember to get active in September and help support two great charities (Rooprai Spinal Trust and Spinal Research) through this difficult time. Together they’re supporting the present and changing the future of spinal cord injury.

£10 from every entry will be split and donated to both the charities.

Entry Fee


International Entry Fee

1st Sept

Start Date

Unforutunatly, registration is now closed for this event.